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Shirley Eborn is a costume maker specialising in theatrical and period costume, bespoke bridal and occasion wear. She is based in Brighton, UK and is well placed to provide services to London and Sussex locations.
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Corset making is a fundamental part of creating a period costume - however, today, a corset can also be a fashionable garment in its own right. Shirley has the skills to be able to make almost any style of corset from almost any material - only constrained by the bounds of your imagination.

All corsets are made-to measure with either steel or plastic boning and are priced from £200, depending on style and decoration.



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A simple modern design incorporating hand sewn beading that could form the basis of a more elaborate costume such as an evening gown or wedding dress
This corset style bodice forms the top of a wedding dress - broadly the same style as above but decorated with hand made matching roses
Based on a late Vicorian style, this corset style bodice forms part of a wedding outfit but could later be dressed up or down for an evening occasion
This corset is based on a traditional 18th century design (similar to the one that follows) worn in a modern evening dress combination
A traditional 18th century corset design white period corset design
black victorian corset design Here is a late-Victorian style corset featuring a spoon busk